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We increase your home’s market value while decreasing its time on the market. Everyone wants more profit when they sell their home, but very few actually know how to execute properly or have the team of contractors to accomplish this goal. Whether this is right for you correlates back to the equity position of your home and whether or not the return on investment (ROI) pencils out for your specific situation. However, when these economic drivers align, we have made our clients considerable amounts of money, sometimes improving their property’s value by $10,000, $20,000, $40,000, or more. Many times, when it’s all said and done, we set the new highest per-square-foot-sold comp.

We’ve been blessed to put skills we learned and refined through real estate investing (flipping) to use for our clients. We have an extensive team that we keep busy working with our clients throughout the year through our Gate12 Concierge service. Whether it’s minor fixes and repairs, paint, carpet, vinyl plank flooring, custom baseboards, kitchen or bathroom updates, new quartz or granite counters — you name it — we’ve got someone who does it.

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Services Might Include:

Preparing Your Home for The Market

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