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The Berrock Shop

April 10, 2023

Business Spotlight

The Berrock Shop

We LOVE This Place!


It had already been one of those days, and it wasn't even 1 pm yet. I was working away in my office and in walks Linda. She casually sits down on the couch in my office and looks at her phone while I continued to work. This isn't an unusual occurrence now that we work from home. We both tend to meander into the others office many times throughout the day. 


"Do you want to split a burger at The Berrock Shop?" 


After some time, Linda simply says, "Do you want to split a burger at The Berrock Shop?" The smile on my face gave my immediate answer. I was feeling stressed that day, things weren't going right and neither of us had eaten breakfast. This one suggestion, in a moment, lifted all that weight and added a bit of joy to the day. You see, this is seriously one of our favorite things to do and a real treat for us. You can see Linda and me down at The Berrock Shop at least a couple of times a month if not once a week. 



We typically will split a cheeseburger and get a large fry. Truth be told, I generally do not want to split this burger but 9 times out of 10, I do just because that's how Linda likes to do it and we also split meals most of the time anyway to keep costs down as well as our weight!


This is a seriously good hamburger. It's a good size (if you want to split it), juicy, and just delicious, and, the price isn't that bad either. The fries are very good and a generous portion is given to you. 


"I generally do not want to split this burger but 9 times out of 10, I do."


 The Berrock Shop has been in business since 1977 and you can tell as you enter that it is a Fresno Favorite. It is almost always busy and we almost always see many people we know there. It reminds me of how the sandwich shops and delis used to be. The decor is modest and it's been there probably for a long, long time. I like that though, they're authentic and that is just so refreshing nowadays!


In addition to incredible hamburgers, The Berrock Shop also makes an amazing Tri-Tip sandwich. If you like Chicken Pot Pies, get one to take home with you and bake it for dinner. It comes with a side of country gravy and who knew gravy would be so good on a chicken pot pie? It is seriously one of the best chicken pot pies I've ever had. 


"Who knew gravy would be so good on a chicken pot pie?"


If you have a sweet tooth, you'll like all the personal pies you'll see in the display case as you wait in line to order. My personal favorite is the Cherry pie. It is out of this world but I also like the Peach and Chocolate Cream. The cookies are also seriously good. 


The Berrock Shop is located at the NW Corner of Bullard and West in the Save Mart Shopping Center. Parking is a bit of a challenge so be forewarned. I think after writing this, we'll have to pay The Berrock Shop a visit tomorrow. If you happen to see Linda and me there, say hello. You're going to want to visit too. You can thank me later!


All my best,



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