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Stuck and Don’t Know What To Do

June 6, 2024


Stuck and Don’t Know What To Do

Stuck and Don’t Know What To Do

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself!


Circa May 2016: The Todd & Linda Files Printed Newsletter, Volume 3 2016


This is embarrassing to share. It’s one of ‘those things that sometimes happens to us and not at all how it appears. I was shopping at Macy’s with my good friend Lorraine. We had decided to go look for dresses for several upcoming weddings. I found a very cute dress, so off to the dressing room I go to give it a try. Midway through putting this dress on, I realize I’m having trouble getting the zipper to go up past my waist. I struggled with this silly zipper for quite some time until I notice I’ve worked up a good sweat and now some panic to go along with it.  The zipper would just not move.


After about 10 minutes; yes, you read that right, I called over the young sales associate in the dressing room area and asked if she could please help me with this uncooperative dress. I’m sure this isn’t a usual request per se but she happily obliged and began working on me to make the zipper comply. It was soon obvious that this poor young sales associate could not get the zipper up either.  She reassured me that it wasn’t because it was too tight, but that there was a problem with the zipper itself, as it had separated from the fabric. Of course, this was all happening behind me so I couldn’t see a thing.  Not wanting to give up, and to my horror, the young sales associate enlisted another sales associate to join in and they went to work now, as a team to get the zipper operational and this dress on me.


After several more minutes, I had had enough. “Let’s get this dress off and please find me another dress, the same size with a workable zipper.” I think they were relieved and excited to be done with this chore.  So one goes off to find the new dress, while the other one starts unzipping only to find out, it is stuck and would not budge in either direction. Here we go again, at this point, I just want this ridiculous dress off. No luck getting the zipper down so I suggested if I could get my arms out of it, then maybe I could slide it over my head or down my hips.


Finally, after continued struggle, I’m successful in getting my arms out and able to twist the dress around to look at the zipper and the problem. It’s an invisible zipper, which means plastic and not durable in the least. The dress, still fighting me as it did, would not go over my head or down my hips. I was still stuck! So out of the dressing room, I go to hunt down the poor young sales associate and after another 5 minutes, she finally gets the zipper and frees me from my fabric prison. Thank you, God.


I did end up buying another very cute dress but with a fully functional zipper. It looks Great!


Here’s the moral of the story:

  • 3 heads are better than one, unless one is stuck in a dress.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions.


As I’m retelling the story to Todd, and I get to the part that the dress was stuck on me, he stops me and says it was too small. I had the wrong size. Which I’m sure some of you were thinking as you read this. Like I said, not everything is how it looks.


All My Best!

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