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Key Lime Pie Bars

April 4, 2024


Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie Bars

Oh My Goodness!


Holy smokes are these things good! With that said, there is an interesting backstory regarding Key Lime Pie. I was sure that I hated it although I had never technically even tried it. 


It was about 10 years ago that we had some folks over for dinner one evening. They had offered to stop by Marie Callendar's and pick up a pie for dessert that evening and when they showed up with a Key Lime Pie, I thought to myself, "Wonderful, I hate Key Lime  Pie!" And, I did, at least in my mind; that is until I tried a piece later that night. 


When it came time for dessert and the pie was served, there was that magical moment that I fondly recall to this day as the flavors danced around in my mouth; pure joy! And, just like that, I now would proclaim from the rooftops that Key Lime Pie was one of my top 3 favorites!


So, now that you know the backstory on my Key Lime Pie journey to enlightenment, when an advertisement came across my Instagram feed last week for these Key Lime Pie Bars, I immediately sent it to Linda and suggested that she might consider making these...😃 And, thankfully she did. She made the recipe for our Easter Sunday family get-together. Suffice to say, they were a HUGE hit


So, I'm sharing them with you all so you can also revel in the glory of this incredibly satisfying recipe. 


Here's a LINK to the recipe and if you do end up giving these a whirl, drop me a line and let me know what you think. 


All my best!

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