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Hillcrest Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch

October 1, 2023

Local Treasures

Hillcrest Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch

Hillcrest Tree Farm & Pumpkin Patch

A Fun Family Activity


One of our favorite fall activities since both Ashley and Luke were very young (now 27 and 25) was to visit Hillcrest Tree Farm in Reedley each October and December.


Although Hillcrest has grown in popularity and attendance over the years, it still feels like a throwback to yesteryear. A time when life was slower and families gathered on a small farm to pick out a pumpkin in October, take in a hayride and come back and hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree in December while having a cup of hot cocoa. It's a bit like a scene from a Hallmark Movie, truth be told. Maybe that's what we like about it. 



The most prominent feature of this quaint family farm is the narrow-gauge train that traverses the property. Kids are immediately drawn to it and you will quickly find yourself  purchasing tickets to take the quick ride around the property. It's a lot of fun.


This year was different for our family. Our daughter Ashley and Son-in-law Sam had a baby girl in October 2021. Her name is Alaia, and this was her first trip out to Hillcrest. It’s quite amazing how exciting it was to see Hillcrest through her eyes. So much excitement and anticipation for everything. I’ve been going there for at least 15 years now, but this was like seeing it again for the first time.


When you arrive, you will see a lower section, and this is where the pumpkins are as well as the hayrides. 


There is a fun little forest hike that meanders up the hillside and on up to the higher level. You cross a suspension bridge along the way where everyone likes to jump around and make it sway. As you head up, you encounter a small fort-like structure with a slide coming down a portion of the hillside. I imagine Alaia will like that part next year and we’ll get to experience this all over yet again.



On the upper level, there is a small gift shop and a variety of food options to choose from. Sam picked up a hot dog and I grabbed a Churro, mostly because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was.


We made our way to the line for the narrow-gauge train and people watched as we waited our turn. When we finally made it to the front, Alaia’s eyes were wide with excitement. As the conductor pulled us out, Linda held Alaia in her arms and the gentle breeze blew her hair back. She hummed to herself with glee as we traveled down the track and around the various parts of this small family farm.


As I sat there watching her, I thought to myself what an incredible time this was. I’m so very thankful that a place like this exists where I can take my family to have a nice afternoon. As the train pulled back into the main station, we quickly disembarked and headed to a large treehouse that is directly adjacent to the train station. Ashley took Alaia up to the top and she got to watch all the other small children playing.


As we finished up and started heading back to our cars, we discussed which days worked best to come back in December. I can’t wait.


All our Best,

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