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But Did It Grow in the Ground?

February 29, 2024

Health & Well-Being

But Did It Grow in the Ground?

But, Did It Grow in the Ground?

The Awesomeness of Natural Remedies!


Yep, for those who know me, they know I’m always asking this question. Todd asked me the other day, “Have you always been like this?” I had to think about it. So much has changed, and I had to reflect through the years to answer him. The answer, was a resounding and proud, “Yes!”


You see my parents were huge fans of planting fruit, citrus, and nut trees. My mom loved her roses and they both loved gardening. We had the best yard in our neighborhood. I grew up climbing into trees to pick a peach, a nectarine, almonds, and lemons. I honestly think that was one of the best parts of my childhood. My dad would yell at me to stop eating the almonds before they were ripe because then we wouldn’t have any. I would help my parents trim the roses and pull weeds, not because I liked it but because they made me as it was part of my weekly chores.

I vividly remember every time either myself or my brothers and sisters (8 of us) would get sick, my mom would go in the yard, pull leaves off a plant, wash it off, boil a tea, and make us drink it. And, in retrospect, surprisingly we would get better quickly.


I remember my dad would mix natural ingredients to help me fight off acne when I was a teen. He was always mixing something up as I had struggled with it. My sister Susan recently reminded me of a book my dad had with natural remedies he would use to mix up concoctions to try out on us kids.


Down the road when I had my own family my mom would often babysit while I worked and if my boys ever got, sick she took the same care of them as she had done with me and my siblings all those years before. Today, my boys fondly remember the Cinnamon tea that Grandma would make for them when they were young kids along with the toddler-sized tortillas she would make with them.


As I matured as a mom, I began to see so much wisdom in what my parents did. And I started taking after them although at the time I didn’t realize it. I would read articles about natural remedies and try them when appropriate. The Fresno Guide was a newspaper and there was always a section from a doctor. People would send in questions and the doctor would answer. That was my favorite part, and I learned a lot from those articles.


Now with the internet, it’s so easy to find natural remedies for almost every condition. Many conditions we can stop before they become issues just by watching what we are eating and doing better in managing our bodies.


Todd and I always say, “We will be in health care or self-care,” It’s our choice.

As our journey with God has grown over the last 20 years, we have come to recognize the genius, creativity, and brilliance of God. He grows everything naturally that we need to stay healthy in the ground. I get excited looking for natural things to find a remedy to a health issue.


  • Got nausea? Try Ginger.
  • Got gut issues? Try a Pineapple, lemon & ginger tea.
  • Got high blood pressure? Try Cinnamon tea.
  • Need an antibiotic for the flu? Why not try Grapefruit & lemon peel simmered for 2 hours?
  • Got inflammation? Give Turmeric with a sprinkle of black pepper a try.
  • Got a cough? Try taking Eucalyptus leaves and boiling them into a tea.
  • Want great skin? Black castor oil, frankincense & rosehip oil make a wonderful nightly moisturizer.
  • Can’t sleep? You’re most likely deficient in Magnesium.


So, when you see my videos and tips, yes, I sought them out, researched them, and most likely Todd and I are already doing it. I love learning new things and Todd appreciates and admires this about me. And, as a result, we’ve largely stayed out of doctor’s offices for the past 15+ years other than stupid little things we’ve done to ourselves, like me tearing my meniscus while out hiking a few years back. We do our annual lab work and we’ve both been able to stay amazingly healthy.


We want the same for you and it’s not that hard. Everything is on your smartphone or computer. Find a functional medicine doctor online or a natural remedy expert you trust and then get a second opinion. Be inquisitive, ask a lot of questions, and keep on searching until you feel confident and at peace with a recommended path forward.


If you ever have questions that I may be able to help answer, let me know. I’ll most likely fill your phone with videos and resources.


All my love,


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