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An EPIC Birthday Party

March 5, 2023


An EPIC Birthday Party

I’m feeling bad I missed it last year.

My client Francisco, who has become a great friend over the years celebrated his birthday Saturday, February 4, 2023, and Todd and I knew we had to go this year! 


An Epic Birthday Party


Francisco and I met in September 2011, a month after I was licensed. One of the realtors in our office needed a Spanish-speaking agent, so
I met with Francisco to have a discussion about what he was wanting to accomplish and see how I might be able to help. 


Francisco had a BIG VISION to purchase a parcel of land and build out a family compound on it, complete with a sprawling Spanish Ranch-Style Home, horse stables, fruit trees, and many other things. With Francisco's vision as the goal, I set out scouring Madera to look for the perfect piece of land. 


After A LOT of searching, we finally found the vacant lot that was just right, made an offer, and ended up closing in 10 days. My commission check, drum roll: $369.00. 😁

Todd laughs and says it didn’t even cover the gas I had spent driving all over Timbuktu; but hey, we all have our origin story, and mine was shoulder to shoulder with Francisco.


That was 12 years ago and since then, Francisco and I have developed a friendship that now spans 8+ properties and many other BIG VISIONS from Francisco. He is an entrepreneur at heart and truly an inspirational man


His BIG birthday celebration was quite amazing. It began with a group horse ride from Cleveland Ave by Home Depot to his home off the 145 highway & Road 28 (maybe next year Todd and I can join them on this part). When this large group of horses finally made it back to Francisco's home, we counted them as they each rode through the front gate. We stopped counting at 80 horses, but, there were still many more that kept coming in


"We Stopped Counting at 80 Horses..


Francisco has built a fabulous 4,500 square foot home on 8+ acres that only had a mobile home on the land when he purchased it. He has also set up his business warehouse, and many fruit trees and grows his own vegetables. He has stables with approximately 35 horses and chickens, and I think I saw a couple of goats too.


An Epic Birthday Party


I was fascinated by the horses as they came through the gate. Francisco had a wonderful banda (band) there that began to play just inside the gate as the horses started riding through and, it was quite the sight. The horses were all so different and majestic. Some were so tall and large that it could have been frightening to encounter them in a different setting. 


His friends came from all over the Central Valley to celebrate this man they call a friend as I do. We had chicken mole, beans, and rice with tortillas for dinner. There was a traditional Oaxacan dance group that performed after dinner. And people kept coming in throughout our entire time there, many with their horse trailers in tow to join the fiesta.


The party went on into the wee hours of the night, yet Todd and I left before the music and dancing started.


Next year will be Francisco’s 50th. I can’t wait to come again and this time, I will stay later to enjoy the traditions of Oaxaca.


Thank you Francisco for your Friendship! It's truly been a blessing to me. 



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