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A No Bull Adventure Ride

March 2, 2024


A No Bull Adventure Ride

A No Bull Adventure Ride

Exploring a 1,000-Acre + Cattle Ranch


Have you ever had one of those “moments in time” where everything just seemed right? You know, like you were where you were supposed to be and doing what you were meant to do? It really can feel surreal while in the moment and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to recognize them as they were happening and to be hyper-present and soak it all in. It would soon be burnt into my subconscious and revisited countless times from that day forward in my memories.

It Was a Moment in Time

On Friday, February 16th, I had one of those moments and well, it was really the entire day. The art of adventure; and an art it truly is. Being outdoors exploring, camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, Jeeping and riding my motorcycle. These are my happy place, and my spirit will just soar!


On this particular day, I was meeting up with some riding buddies and we were set to explore the backroads of a 1,000-acre cattle ranch. We were meeting at 9 am in Oakhurst but first, my buddy Marty and I had decided to meet just a bit earlier at Pete’s Place and grab a quick breakfast. It’s a great way to set the tone for the day and do things right.

It was a brisk morning in the low 40’s and I was anxious to try out a heated vest I had picked up for a great price this past summer. While the threat of being freezing cold loomed in my mind, I hit the road and fired up the Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12v vest and to my surprise, it was incredible. I was soon enveloped in heat down my front, back, and neck. This paired with a set of heated grips, and I was just as toasty as could be.


Anyway, Marty and I ate our breakfast and then met up with the rest of the crew for that day. We headed up Highway 49 for just a quick jaunt before turning off and escaping into the largely unexplored backcountry. With all the rains we’ve had recently, the hills were a rolling green canopy that was just gorgeous.


The pavement soon gave way to dirt roads, and another quickly noticed benefit of the rains was no dust! If you’ve ever done anything off-road, you know how nice these types of conditions are when you’re not getting covered in a cloud of dust.


One of the highlights of this ride was coming around a corner to find a MASSIVE BULL standing in the middle of the road. He was pure muscle, and his appearance was quite daunting. We honked our horns at him (from a distance) but he was undeterred. He just sat there and looked at us and after about 5 minutes, I guess the mood struck him and he decided to slowly walk off the road. That was quite the stand-off. I was so disappointed when I got home and found out that I had failed to hit the “record” button on my action camera. I missed the entire saga. Oh well…


Check Out This Short MotoVlog of This Incredible Day!


As we continued to meander our way through this amazing landscape, the views increasingly opened up into large panoramic vistas. We rode alongside creeks, went through some small canyons, and rode across several different types of interesting bridges. While talking, joking, and laughing with my riding buddies over our helmet comms, it was at this time that I noticed this day was one of those special days. All the stress of a crappy economy and housing market amongst many other things were now gone and before me, just the pure joy of an adventure motorcycle ride. This is why I do the things I do and pursue them with a passion. You see, for me, they hit that proverbial “RESET” button. At least until the next time I get to go out and explore the unknown.


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