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99 Craft Pizza

March 5, 2023

Business Spotlight

99 Craft Pizza

This is some REALLY good Pizza!


Linda and I are always looking for new, cool spots to check out. It's easy to get into the rut of going to the same ole places over and over again and we've decided to be intentional about seeking out new, locally owned businesses that we can help to support. Afterall, we get it, we're a small business ourselves. 


We were out and about a few weeks back on one of the many gloomy, rainy days we've been having and we remembered hearing about 99 Craft Pizza. Now was a perfect time to stop by and get a 🍕 pizza. Actually, most days are a good time for me to stop by and get a pizza; if I'm being honest that is.... 😃


99 Craft Pizza

So, we made our way to the South East corner of Palm / Nees and headed towards 99 Craft Pizza, and let me tell you, WE'RE GLAD WE DID! As we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly staff that gave us a warm welcome.  We were newbies and they answered our many questions about the different menu items. 


They have two crust choices, California and Detroit. California is more of a traditional crust whereas the Detroit is a thick crust pizza. We asked them what was the BEST CHOICE for our first time in and without hesitation, they pointed us to the Pinnacles PBR which has Pepperoni, Ricotta, Basil, Garlic, Hot Honey, and their House Red Sauce


With that big decision being made, we filled up our fountain drinks, found a table and after only a short wait, our Pinnacles PBR was brought out to our table by a cheerful young man. We split the small size that had 4 generous sized pieces.


Let me tell you, visually, it was FANTASTIC! It had (what I think was 🧐) crusted, crunchy cheese on the thick edges. I love it when the cheese is a bit browned on pizza! After taking in the sight for a brief moments and snapping a couple pics for the Gram, we each leaned forward and dug in. All I can say is, WOW!!! A Flavor Explosion! 💥


99 Craft Pizza


That first bite was INCREDIBLE. The flavors bounced around in your mouth and they all played really well against the other. My favorite; the Hot Honey which had just a bit of a bite to it (but mild) was really good. Who would have thought to put honey on a pizza but, it was REALLY good?


A dollop of cold Ricotta cheese was placed on the top of each piece and looked like it came from a pastry chef.  It really played well against the hot honey too. 


Now, we need to work on "Experiencing The Craft" of all their other menu choices, a task I am well equipped to take on. 😉


If you ever find yourself and the Palm/Nees area, stop in and give 99 Craft Pizza a try. You can thank me later!


All my best, 




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